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We turn complex scientific research into easily-understood content

Fallon Medica is a full service Medical Communications company focused on making the complex...simple

Our approach helps life science companies create better health outcomes

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  • Understand the depth of the problem

    Our team digs into the science - and finds the unique positioning for the solution

  • Clarify the intended behavior change

    We clearly define the audience, the mindset and the specific program objective

  • Translate to create urgency

    The unique positioning and market-context are aligned to drive urgency and action

  • Empower the communicators

    Speaker training and KOL programs help add breadth and credibility to programs

What our clients are saying

“Fallon Medica has repeatedly won our business because of their ability to craft a strategy that fits the narrative we’re trying to communicate. They have a profound understanding of the scientific intricacies and that makes a huge difference in the content and strategy that they develop.”
Our leadership team

The leadership team has been assembled to provide tremendous breadth, depth and experience across a range of disease states and program types. We value teamwork, accountability and creative solutions above all else.

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A man in a suit consults a doctor in a labcoat, holding a tablet computer

Turn your science into strategic communication