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A scientific communications leader with specialty and rare disease expertise

For more than 20 years, our team has produced content marketing platforms that transform scientific discoveries into industry standards.

How we got our start — in the words of Tim Fallon

My goal in founding Fallon Medica, 21 years ago, was built on the fundamental belief that “content is king.” This was my mindset since helping to start Medscape and saw the early years of the web: initially as a distribution channel, then as a competitive market based on content relevance.

This progression is now being repeated in social media, especially on Twitter. If we are filling a knowledge gap, whether it be about a disease state or new product, we believe we are advancing the standard of care.

This belief has been our backbone and continues to carry us today and as we approach the ever-changing market dynamics, content is still king!

Tim Fallon

Why we’re different

  • Our focus is highly specialized

    Translating complex science into a strategic, simplified story has always been our focus

  • We are a true strategic partner

    Digging in deep and sharing a strategic vision are what makes powerful content possible

  • We know how to break-through

    Powerful content with a unique point-of-view, delivered in a compelling package - that's what we do

What our clients are saying

“We look at Fallon Medica as an extension of our own Marketing team, not as an agency, because they take a systematic approach to Thought Leader management and help us to not only generate the market insights, but to also create the scientific and promotional content based on those insights that help differentiate our products from the competition.”

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